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Tech Data Microsoft Surface Hub 2S Collaboration Room Readiness Assessment & Installation Service

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Ordering Information
This Service Brief describes the tasks to be performed and the conditions around Tech Data’s Product Support Services installation SKU AV-HUBINST-2S-TD. It includes the site readiness assessment, assembly, and installation of one (1) 50” 2S large-format Surface Hub collaboration device.Task List
• Conduct a Remote Kickoff Meeting, including a Site Readiness Assessment (“SRA”)
o Determine if customer’s site can support installation with their preferred mounting method
o Have customer determine remediation steps to take place before technician is deployed for installation services
• Unbox and inventory equipment
• Assembly of collaboration room display, and companion mounts (any additional Wall Mounts Must be pre-installed)
• Provide two (2) technicians to conduct the physical installation of the display
• Lead Technician will power on display device and will confirm Out-of-Box-Experience (OOBE) Screen
• Network Connectivity
o Connect a customer-provided LAN cable or enter a Customer-provided wireless passkey to facilitate device’s network connectivity
o Networking configuration limited to entering a customer-provided IP address and/or subnet mask, or setting the device to receive Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
• Remove packaging materials to a centrally located Customer-designated onsite area for disposal Record all model numbers and serial numbers of product(s) installed and obtain Customer sign-off upon completion on the Completion of Work (CoW) form

Remote Project Coordination
• Schedule and coordinate necessary resources to support the project
• Complete change-request documentation as required
• Identify, escalate and document project issues as necessary
• Complete project closeout process by obtaining customer’s signature on Trip Report Form

Change Management
A change management form will be the vehicle for communicating change. A Change Management form will be initiated by Tech Data and presented to Partner-designated project leader and/or authorized representative for review, acceptance and approval. The Change Management form must describe the change, the rationale for the change and the effect the change will have on the project (e.g. tome estimate and estimated cost).General Assumptions
• Tech Data resource is not eligible for hire by partner over the term of the agreement
• Scheduling of consultant(s) for this work can be performed upon Tech Data receipt and acceptance of partner’s order
• All work will be performed during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, between 8:30am-5:30pm, Customer local time, except holidays, unless otherwise agreed to in advance by Provider and Customer
• All tasks will be performed over a consecutive timeframe unless otherwise agreed to by Provider and Customer.
• Notification of changes to partner’s schedule needs to be communicated to Tech Data’s project manager in writing within two business days of the change
o Tech Data will reschedule consultants consultant(s) on a on a best effort basis once notified of the schedule changes
• Any onsite skill transfer is intended to supplement – but not replace – the manufacturer’s formal system implementation and administration classes
• Customer will be responsible for any and all costs and/or additional effort required of Tech Data as a result of inaccurate or outdated information provided by customer. These changes will be handled in accordance with an agreed-upon Project Change Process.
• Includes travel and expenses for one (1) round trip up to 50 miles.
• A fee will apply per technician per incident if cancellation or rescheduling of appointment occurs three (3) business days or less prior to scheduled appointment.

General Exclusions
Services not specified in this Service Brief are considered to be Out of Scope and can be addressed with a statement of work. Examples include:
• Troubleshooting, investigating or resolving single occurrence or individual issues not related to Large Monitor Solutions Installations Services.
• Custom configuration or reinforcement the wall where the display is to be mounted. Wall reinforcement is normally handled by the End Customer’s facilities team. This will be identified during the Site Assessment process.
• Procurement, shipping, or warehousing, delivery, or transportation of hardware, software, or other equipment required for the services.
• Installing, de-installing or accessing equipment within a custom mount or custom frame unless otherwise noted herein.
• Imaging or asset tagging.
• Trash/Hardware removal offsite.
• Onsite Project Management.
• Any installation parts, cables, raceway, floor covers or installation materials not listed herein.
• Software or network configuration or troubleshooting, unless otherwise listed herein.
• Training or professional development.
• Installation onto a "firewall, or fire-breaking wall".
• Electrical work.
• Union labor or prevailing wage.
• Data drops.
• Cable runs through conduit, behind walls or above solid ceiling.
• De-installation of existing equipment or obstructions.
• Repair or replacement of drywall, patching and any other repair work.
• Any additional hardware not listed in this brief.
• Installation into areas containing asbestos unless abatement has been performed and confirmed.
• Does not include setup and testing of products in a test environment prior to production.