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Manufacturing Technology

Technology Solutions for Factory Settings

Unleash innovation across your organization with digital technologies to transform critical areas of your business, from research and development to supply chain, factory operations, and beyond.

Factory Mobility: Accelerate Factory Talent and Industry 4.0 Adoption

With an ever-changing talent pool, new sources of data, and advancing technologies, it’s more important than ever to empower employees with mobility solutions to support your digital transformation as the industry speeds towards industry 4.0, smart devices, and increased automation.

• Drive user engagement at the place where work is performed
• Deploy business applications and information to anyone, anywhere, anytime
• Go paperless, train differently, communicate more effectively
• Improve bottom line by improving OEE, Zero Defects, and Employee Ramp and Technology Adoption

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Factory Mobility: Accelerate Factory Talent and Industry 4.0 Adoption

Getting Technology “Right” With Factory Expansion

Demand for manufacturing in the United States is at its highest point in fourteen years, and with strong demand comes a need for top-line business growth. If your company is embarking on factory modernization or expansion, it’s time to consider how enabling technology fits into your growth strategy, budget, and planning process.

Industry Solutions: A Focus On Healthcare, Retail, And Manufacturing

There are numerous technology solution providers in the market today, many of which have some level of industry specialization, be it healthcare, retail, manufacturing, or another of the many vertical markets. This focused approach makes sense. Customers today are looking for IT partners who have deep expertise and a broad solution portfolio, coupled with a fluency in the unique language of that industry.

Manufacturing Services

Achieve operational excellence and deliver the right technology solutions to help your business improve processes, eliminate waste, attract top talent, and grow.
Connected Employee
Attract the best talent with device of choice and mobility that accelerates business outcomes.
Industrial Networking
Production stops when your network stops. Get the right products and solutions for your offices, factory, warehouse, and extended enterprise environments.
Protect your critical engineering and manufacturing assets while not burdening your business users.

What You Do Matters

Technology matters. But what you do matters most. The right tools—built for your unique users, environment, and mission—can help you focus on doing what you do best. Let the experts at Connection listen to your needs, understand your goals, and deliver IT solutions and services designed around you. Because what you do matters.