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Connection is a Fortune 1000 Global Solutions Provider that connects people with technology to enhance growth, elevate productivity, and empower innovation.

Founded in 1982, Connection delivers valuable IT services and advanced technology solutions to business, government, education, and healthcare markets. Today, we serve our customers through our staff of highly trained Account Managers, our team of on-staff experts, and our efficient procurement websites. We are also proud to offer custom-configured computer systems from a ISO 9001:2015 certified technical configuration lab at our distribution center in Wilmington, OH.

Our company has over 2,500 technical certifications that ensure our experts can solve any customer need, no matter how complex. Additionally, our GlobalServe offering delivers global procurement solutions through our network of 500 suppliers in 174 countries.
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Retail Technology Solutions and Services

If you are looking to optimize your business with the newest retail technologies, our experts are here to help. From choosing the right devices for your needs to managing the logistics of an infrastructure upgrade, our experienced team is ready to work with you.
Digital Marketing
Are you getting your message across? Easy to manage and impossible to overlook, digital signage helps you engage customers and grow your sales.
Inventory Management
Streamline inventory management by leveraging barcode and RFID technology, cloud-based software solutions, and critical infrastructure updates to optimize forecasts and save time and money.
Mobile Engagement
Whether they’re used for purchases, discounts, or browsing, mobile devices are essential to the retail ecosystem for taking the customer experience to the next level.
Retail Cloud Solutions
Leverage cloud technology to support core business strategies, including selling and creating products.
Retail Networking
Technology is rapidly transforming the retail industry. You need to start with a solid networking foundation to reap the benefits.
Retail Point of Sale (POS)
Customer expectations continue to evolve and your POS system must evolve too. Our retail solutions provide convenience, flexibility, performance, and agility.
Security for Retail Environments
Is your customer data safe? Address your most critical security needs, stringent compliance requirements, and complex technology challenges to stay ahead of today’s threats.

Vendor Spotlight

Cash in on the Mobile Barcode Revolution

With more mobile subscriptions than people on the planet today, the mobile phone is the one device virtually all of your customers carry, all of the time. Your customers are always looking for new ways that this little device can make their lives easier. And one of the many technologies they are embracing is the mobile barcode—to replace physical credit cards, gift cards, or coupons.
Find out how mobile barcode readers for retail keep your sale on the go and customers at your door.
Zebra Barcode Scanner

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