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NRF 2020

Connection’s Retail Services and Solutions

Our dedicated Retail Team is here to connect you with:
  • Digital Marketing to drive engagement and transactions with your customers
  • Next Gen Security Solutions to protect your customers and your reputation
  • Inventory Management solutions from the warehouse to the shopping cart
  • POS & Payment Solutions that provide the options your customer is looking for
  • Networking Infrastructure to keep your stores up and running
  • Employee Engagement Solutions to streamline your workforce
  • "Store in A Box" Services for seamless integration
  • Cloud Unified Communication as A Service that impact productivity
NRF 2020 - The World's Largest Retail Conference and Expo

Reduce Demands on Your IT Staff

Leverage the advantages of our Technology Integration and Distribution Center (TIDC) to improve your organization’s efficiency. Rely on our expertise to manage your deployments and allow your internal teams to focus on your ongoing business needs. Connection’s TIDC delivers valuable services, including:
  • Location-in-a-Box
  • Asset Tagging and Data Capture
  • Laser Engraving
  • Inventory Planning and Rollout

TechSperience Podcast

2020 Tech Trends in Retail – What’s Happening In Your Favorite Store?

TechSperience takes a close look at the latest tech trends in retail—from mobility and digital signage to the entire store experience. Listen to our recent podcast and find out more about the Brick and Mortar vs. Click and Mortar business model.
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Featured Partners

Empower Your Frontline Team with BigTinCan

Empower Your Frontline Team with BigTinCan

Are your sales and service challenges slowing you down? BigTinCan’s cloud-based modern retail enablement platform empowers the world’s leading brands to learn faster, sell smarter, and be more productive every day.

Apple at Work

Apple at Work

It’s important to let your employees work the way they want, so they can do their best. By giving employees the ability to choose, businesses can strengthen employee engagement and retention. Apple products help employees work more simply and productively, solve problems creatively, and collaborate with a shared purpose. And they're all designed to work together beautifully.

Burn the Paper Trail

Burn the Paper Trail

With more and more business applications being developed for mobile technology, there’s no reason to continue relying on paper. Eliminating paper offers numerous benefits, including increased efficiency, reducing errors, accessing data in real time, speeding up your billing cycle, and eliminating the duplication of work.

Zebra Inventory Management

Zebra Inventory Management

From the back of the store to the sales floor, and everywhere in between, you need mobile solutions to empower your workforce and improve process efficiencies. Zebra's purpose-built retail solutions are designed to provide superior reliability, ease-of-use, and insight into assets at every touchpoint—helping you create store operations that are smarter, faster, and stronger.

Optimize Branch Experience and Performance

Having branch offices may be great for the business, but managing branch networks has never been more challenging. That’s where Connection’s solution with Aruba comes into play. Aruba's software defined branch (SD-Branch) combines best-in-class wireless, wired, and WAN infrastructure with management capabilities that include assurance and orchestration features to help maximize performance and minimize operational costs.

Make a Statement with Peerless

Make a Statement with Peerless

Experience the elegance of Peerless-AV’s new indoor Portrait and Landscape Kiosks, designed to support the latest digital signage displays. With a flat base that can be free standing or bolted to the ground, these kiosks allow for electric and data cable access, making them easy to install and maintain.

Get Their Undivided Attention

With superb picture quality and cutting-edge processing power, the UH5E Series delivers a value-added visual experience without the need for peripherals. These displays deliver vivid content with no reflections, even under bright lights, enhancing their ability to capture the attention of passersby. Moreover, the convenient yet advanced usability allows users to effortlessly control and manage the displays.

Execute Several Tasks at Once

The SM5KE Series provides dynamic content with clear picture quality, enhancing advertising effectiveness and helping to generate demand for your brand and products. LG webOS 4.0 Smart Signage Platforms are optimized to develop and run a variety of customized apps, enhancing user convenience with intuitive UI and value-added functions.
LG - Get Their Undivided Attention

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