Meraki Go Small Business Network Solutions

Up Your Work Efficiency

Meraki Go is a cloud-based networking solution that’s simple, mobile, and secure. Get started in minutes with the Meraki Go Mobile App to manage both Wi-Fi and Ethernet networks running through the suite of products—access points, network switches, and the security gateway. Take advantage of cloud-powered capabilities such as automatic updates, network health monitoring, remote access, in-app support, intelligent security—all without a subscription. Meraki Go provides easy networking for busy people.

Access Points

Safer, Smarter Wi-Fi for Your Business Operations

Simplified Wi-Fi can be securely segmented for business and guest use, providing visibility and insights into users, devices, and applications. Discover fast and easy deployments, simplified features for small businesses, and visibility and control at your fingertips.
GR60-HW-US Outdoor Access Point
GR10-HW-US Indoor Access Point
Meraki Security Gateway

Meraki Security Gateway Appliance

Secure Your Site in Minutes

The Cisco Meraki Go Security Gateway is a powerful router and firewall that keeps the devices on your network private and secure, while providing control over network usage limits and website access.

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