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Active directory is the hub of all organizational activities: changes are to be tracked, questioned and verified to ensure an error free change management is practiced. Unfortunately, the native active directory does not have the desired auditing capabilities; scripts and command line tools can extract data but do not meet myriad audit requirements. This gives arise to the need for a reliable audit/reporting software, which surpass these limitations.

Auditing active directory changes helps organizations to be compliant with regulatory requirements. Learn how ADAudit Plus change audit software can help with data on security audits. Configure user defined reports specific to objects and active directory changes and view them on a convenient ADAudit Plus web interface. Keep tabs on what your users do. Study recent changes done by them. Maintain accountable / historical data of user and administrator actions. ADAudit Plus allows you to custom configure (define) alerts for one or more desired Active Directory change events. Notify configured alerts via email with necessary details to users. Schedule event log data extraction, view them as reports on the ADAudit Plus web interface, also configure them to be emailed to specified users at desired times. Audit the logon/logoff activities of the member server in a Microsoft server environment. ADAudit Plus also enables you to monitor the terminal services activity.