Zebra Symbol LS4208 Laser PDF Scanner, Multi-interface, Cable Required, Black

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  • LS4208-PR20007ZZR
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A scanner for your company, your budget
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The LS4208 scanner is Symbol’s premiere general purpose laser scanner, offering a unique array of features that deliver superb scanning performance with minimal user effort. With an innovative multi-line rastering scan pattern, superior motion tolerance and a wide working range, the LS4208 delivers robust scanning that eliminates the need to precisely aim and position the device, or pause between scans. And even the smallest, stacked, damaged and poorly printed bar codes are quickly and accurately captured on the first scan, resulting in maximum productivity. Combined with a patented single board construction that eliminates one of the most common points of failure, the LS4208 delivers reliable day-to-day performance and a low total cost of ownership.

This unit includes the scanner only.