Webroot Corp. SecureAnywhere Web Security Service 1 yr

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The Webroot SecureAnywhere Web Security Service protects users with proactive security layers that block web threats in the cloud before they enter your network. The cloud-based architecture makes it possible to directly authenticate users to the service for seamless enforcement and protection - regardless of their location. By preventing users from bypassing your web facilities, the service also ensures enforcement of essential HR, legal, compliance and duty of care obligations.

Webroot minimizes management complexity, while improving security, user visibility and flexible policy controls. A simple and intuitive cloud-based management console makes administration and enforcement of granular web security and web filtering policies completely straightforward.

Administrators may securely access the console from anywhere using a web browser for all operational tasks, including service configuration, deployment, policy management, and reporting. They can also grant full roles-based access - with easily customized permissions - to allow the direct access by Legal, HR and other non-IT staff.

Some users resent having their web behavior monitored and controlled, which causes them to look for ways to circumvent web security. Users who flaunt policies or work around monitoring and controls introduce significant security and compliance risks.

The Webroot SecureAnywhere Web Security Service addresses these risks, which are common weaknesses of other solutions, with a design aimed at preventing circumvention. It ensures that all web traffic is directed, monitored and reported through the service. In particular, it reduces the risks associated with remote users and also enforces compliance in environments with highly IT literate users such as schools and colleges.