VMware Corp. AirWatch High-Availability Set-up One-time Fee

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Ordering Information
VMware Licenses must be purchased in conjunction with Support and Subscription (SNS) with the exception of Workstation and Fusion (the vSphere Essentials kit has option of per incident support and requirement of subscription for one year). VMware orders cannot be purchased on the Web, please contact your Account Representative for pricing.

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High Availability and Disaster Recovery AirWatch features active-active configurations for high availability and redundancy with all components made to failover with minimal downtime. Load balancing capabilities are deployed across multiple data centers to ensure immediate server pick up, ensuring zero end user downtime. AirWatch also incorporates replication technology featuring SQL log shipping or network SAN byte replication to prevent data loss. AirWatch fully supports disaster recovery configurations and can be setup in a remote data center and enabled in the event of a data center failure. Because AirWatch synchronizes data to this remote data center, no information is lost during the failure and your entire mobile device fleet continues to operate uninterrupted.