Veritas Corp. Risk Advisor Xplat 1 ManagEd Server OnPremise Std Subscription + Est Mnt Initial 36M

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Ordering Information
Please note: if this is a Maintenance-only sku, then it will require proof of purchase from the original license order. The Proof of purchase information that is required to process these orders is the VIP Customer Number or Agreement Number AND the Original Veritas Order Number(s) and Reference Number(s).

The proof of purchase information can be found on the customer’s renewal letter from Veritas. If further assistance is needed please contact the Veritas Renewal team at 866-306-8787 or

GovC: Key as: SO for license and combo skus as well as media. Maintenance only skus need to be keyed on an SD.

PCC: Key through Quote to Order. The license and combo skus as well as the media will process through EDI and the maintenance only skus will be placed on backorder for the buyer to audit and order manually.

Data Capture: You must fill out the Additional Order Information Screen in JDE.

Click here for an estimate of how long it will take the order to be fulfilled.

Returns: Exception basis only. Contact customer service through the Sales Support Desk (x35555).

Automated auditing is a key driver for improving the readiness of your HA environment and reducing business continuity risks. While writing your own scripts may seem like an attractive approach, it is often difficult and limited. Risk Advisor offers an alternative approach which can prove more cost-effective and much more comprehensive than homegrown solutions. Risk Advisor employs an agent-less technology that runs on a single dedicated server. Setting up Risk Advisor is simple, and can be accomplished very quickly. You can configure Risk Advisor to scan your environment for high availability and disaster recovery vulnerabilities frequently, allowing you to automatically discover your servers, clusters, storage arrays, SAN configuration, replication configuration and database configuration; have visibility into detailed configuration information for all layers in your IT stack, store the information in a central repository, track change history, generate custom reports and much more.