Tripp Lite Smart Pro 1500VA Tower UPS Online (6) Outlets Extended Runtime, Puresine

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  • SU1500XL
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On-line, double-conversion protection for mission critical applications
Ordering Information
  • Provides 120V, 1200watt(s), 1500VA power
  • Surge Suppression is Standard
  • Connector(s): Power NEMA 5-15 (F), Power NEMA 5-15 (M)
  • 6 Outlets
  • 4.5 minute(s) Battery Runtime at Full Load
  • Attributes include Double conversion online
Tripp Lite's SmartOnline SU1500XL on-line, double conversion UPS protects your critical server, networking or telecommunications equipment from blackouts, brownouts, voltage fluctuations and surges. The large-capacity 1.5kVA/1200W UPS continuously converts incoming AC to DC, then back to perfect sine wave AC output at 120V AC (+/-2%). It removes harmonic distortion, fast electrical impulses, frequency fluctuations and other hard-to-solve power problems not addressed by other UPS systems. Its true sine wave output and zero transfer time gives you guaranteed compatibility with all equipment types. There are (6) UPS-supported outlets in (2) load banks of (3) outlets each, and the load banks can be independently controlled using the software interface to selectively reboot remote equipment or automatically shed less critical loads to extend battery runtime for the most critical equipment.

Battery backup time can be extended with the addition of multiple external battery packs (BP48V18 or BP48V60RT3U). A slot for an internal SNMP/web card, plus a DB9 enhanced serial monitoring port are provided for unattended shutdown, remote control and monitoring of UPS system and power data. An HID-compliant USB interface enables integration with the built-in power management and auto shutdown features of Windows and Mac OS X. Also included is Tripp Lite's PowerAlert UPS Power Management Software. The UPS is compatible with Tripp Lite's Watchdog Service Monitoring/Rebooting Software. The unit is housed in an attractive all-black upright tower enclosure.