Tripp Lite PDU Switched ATS 208V 240V 30A (16) C13 (2) C19 (1) L6-30R 2U RM

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Tripp Lite's PDUMH30HVATNET 2U horizontal rackmount Auto Transfer Switch (ATS) provides 30A, 208/240V multi-outlet power distribution with dual input connections, individually switched outlets, a built-in network interface and digital current metering. It includes two separate L6-30P primary and secondary input cords and (19) switched output receptacles. The built-in network interface enables remote SNMP/Web monitoring and control. It remotely displays the status of input power, load level and outlet power status via a secure network or web browser interface. Support of optional environmental and contact-closure sensor options is provided. Programmable real-time individual outlet control gives you the ability to power on, power off, or cycle AC power to regain control of locked-up servers and other network devices.

A Tripp Lite ATS system enables advanced redundant power configurations for network equipment with a single AC input connection. Separate primary and secondary cables support connection to any two compatible power sources. An ATS system normally maintains continuous output to all outlets as derived from the primary input. If the primary power source becomes unstable or fails altogether in relation to the secondary input, the ATS will automatically switch over to the secondary power source until the primary input is restored and stable. ATS functionality is supported by any two compatible AC power sources, regardless of phase angle, to support a variety of unique redundant power applications.

An ATS system enables fault tolerant hot-swappable UPS protection when used with a single UPS and fully redundant UPS protection when each cord is connected to a separate UPS system. In a two-UPS environment, the primary input cable must be supported by a full time sine wave online UPS. Tripp Lite's SmartOnline series is highly recommended for use as the primary UPS in a two-UPS application. ATS configurations utilizing separate mains circuits, backup generators and even separate utility power grid feeds are fully supported. The on-board ATS processor constantly evaluates power quality on both input sources to prevent transfer to the secondary source when unavailable or of lower quality than the primary source. Front panel LEDs display primary and secondary power availability.