Tripp Lite Network Dataline Surge RJ45 100, 10BaseT and AS400 for NICs

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The Tripp Lite DNET1 offers network ethernet line surge suppression for 100Base-T, 10Base-T, Token Ring, AS400/Sys3x and RS-422 applications. Convenient RJ45 input and output connections with an included 5-inch ethernet patch cable allows convenient placement at the protected device network connection. Surge suppression is handled with balanced arrays of high-speed avalanche diodes that divert excess energies created by electrostatic discharges, faulty wiring or lightning away from network interface connections.

This Tripp Lite network surge suppressor reduces NIC card damage, garbled network transmissions, system lock-ups and hard equipment failure by safely shunting dataline surges to ground. A 6-inch heavy guage grounding lead connects to designated grounding lugs available on the back panel of most network workstations and internetworking equipment.