Tripp Lite HDMI Display-Side Wallplate with Active Signal Booster (F-F)

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  • P166-001-A
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Helps keep home theater installations clean!
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Tripp Lite's P166-001-A HDMI Display-side Wallplate with Signal Booster increases the distance a 1080p (24Hz) signal can be transmitted beyond the recommended 16ft (5m). It supports video resolutions up to 1080p, and a maximum distance of 150ft from the source. Use P568-Series HDMI cables in most applications. When extending a 1080p (24Hz) signal more than 75ft, use cable made with 24AWG wiring, such as the P568-100-HD (available separately). (Lengths over 100ft are available from Tripp Lite as a custom order) 24AWG HDMI cable is also needed when extending a 3D signal more than 50ft. A 3D signal can be extended up to 125ft using 24AWG HDMI cable. Simply connect the longer cable between the source and the P166-001-A, and the shorter cable (16ft or less) between the adapter and the monitor. Software or drivers are not required. It is HDCP compliant.