Trend Micro Corp. CLP SCANMAIL DOM STE 3.0 NT W2K 03 LNX 2

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Sophisticated computer viruses can attack workgroup collaboration environments like Lotus Notes and Domino, exploiting them to spread infection throughout a given network-con­sequently bringing vital communications to a halt. Viruses hidden within databases and email attachments can later emerge to infect key networked resources and disrupt the entire cor­porate messaging environment. Unwanted network traffic, such as spam email, can also overwhelm valuable network bandwidth and affect employee productivity.

Trend Micro ScanMail for Domino offers comprehensive virus protection and content security for Lotus Notes environments, scanning for viruses hidden within databases and email attachments. The ScanMail for Domino Suite edition provides an added layer of protection through systematic content filtering and revolutionary anti-spam technologies. Unlike other security products, ScanMail for Domino was specifically designed for use as a Domino server application and is optimized for high-performance scanning.