Targus Defcon 1

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Over 265,000 notebook computers were stolen last year, don't become number 265,001. The Defcon 1 will protect your investment anytime, anywhere.
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The Defcon is the first alarm that attaches directly to your carrying case and guards your notebook by sounding when someone tries to move the case. This revolutionary anti-theft system guards your notebook with a combination of stainless steel cable and motion sensor technology. The alarm sounds when someone tries to remove the notebook from its case (the notebook lock slot must be in use for this adapter protection), as well as when someone cuts or disconnects the security cable. You can choose from a high or normal sensitivity level. There is a 4 second delay in between motion and an alarm.

The features of this versatile pocket-sized combo lock include: easy attachment to any case; an adapter lock included for notebooks equipped with a security slot; 1,000 user-settable combinations; a flashing LED that signifies the alarm is armed; and a 3 "chirp" audio warning of excessive movement before the 110 db alarm sounds.