Symantec Corp. Express Prem AntiSpam Addon to SMS 1.0 User 24Mo Subscription Essential Band D (100-249)

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Symantec Brightmail AntiSpam combines effective spam catching with a high accuracy rate that prevents false positives. This award-winning spam protection not only defends against real-time spam attacks, but also proactively identifies first-time spam. With flexible and powerful spam management capabilities, it meets enterprise security needs without imposing a significant administrative burden. Leveraging multiple global operations centers, automated filter updates, and an unmatched view of global spam, Symantec allows administrators to solve their spam problem, not just manage it.

Multi-layered spam protection combines over 17 different filtering technologies that maximize spam detections (95% effectiveness) and minimize false positives. Some of the filters are reputation-based, examining the source of the email. Others sift through the message content, applying signatures or heuristics technology. Attachment signatures and spam URL filters provide protection against the latest MIME and HTML-based filter evasion techniques used by spammers. Updated filters are automatically deployed to customer sites, requiring no administrator intervention.

Flexible spam management and mail policies let IT administrators customize and enforce spam and unwanted mail handling for different groups or users in an organization. Intuitive Web-based Control Center enables powerful administration, centralizing and consolidating the management, customization, configuration, and monitoring of all parts of the system.