Symantec Corp. Express Ghost Solution Suite 2.5 Win Device 12Mo Essential Renewal Band F

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Whether your company is small or large, local or multinational, a service interruption can mean significant loss to your business. That's why you need around-the-clock access to Symantec's best-in-class support engineers - a team of experts with the industry's most comprehensive knowledge and experience in availability, security, performance, and compliance software. That's why you need Essential Support.

Key Features

- 24x7x365 access to Symantec's team of support experts.

- Fast response times.

- Access to advanced security alerts, advanced tools, and interactive assistance.

- Innovative online support options available anytime, anywhere.

- One-stop interoperability support.

Extending or renewing support and maintenance helps your organization to maintain continued access to technical support, software updates, and new product version release entitlements. (Support extensions are purchased at the same time as the license; renewals are purchased when support expires.) With Symantec Express, the process has been improved to allow customers to easily renew Symantec support and maintenance services.

- Customers are notified 60 to 90 days in advance that their support services contract is coming up for renewal.

- Symantec Partners are notified at the same time as their customer

- A Quote ID number will be assigned to each renewal for management and tracking purposes

- Your Symantec Agreement Number (SAN) will also be available

- Enhanced renewal notifications will, whenever possible, have additional information designed to help simplify and improve the renewal process, including quote numbers, part numbers, pricing, and more.