Symantec Corp. Express Gateway Email Encryption by PGP Tech 3.3 perUser Renewal Essential 12Mo Band D

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Network-based email encryption with no client software
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  • Centralizes the creation, enforcement, management and reporting of data protection and encryption policies
  • Enables automatic encryption and decryption of sensitive email without changing the user experience
  • Provides flexible, secure delivery options, such as Encryption Web Email Protection, Encryption PDF Email Protection, and standards-based OpenPGP and S/MIME
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Essential Support:

Critical IT processes run all hours of the night, and hackers, worms and malware intrusions do not keep business hours, so you need 24x7 access to Symantec’s best-in-class support engineers – a team of experts with the industry’s most comprehensive knowledge and experience in availability, security, performance and compliance software. Whether your company is small or large, local or multinational, a service interruption can mean significant loss to your business. Symantec recommends Essential Support Services as the minimal level of protection for most businesses. Key Benefits: Regular updates and upgrades insure your systems and products are current; Cost savings that come with selecting a value-priced service plan; 24x7 access to expert problem resolution through Symantec’s award-winning global delivery team.

Gateway Email Encryption:

Gateway Email Encryption provides centrally managed email encryption to secure email communications with customers and partners. With Gateway Email Encryption, organizations can minimize the risk of a data breach and comply with partner and regulatory mandates for information security and privacy.