Symantec Corp. Express DLP for Mobile 12.5 Xplat per Managed Device Sub License 12M Band S

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Employees are bringing mobile devices to work and accessing sensitive data, with or without permission from IT security. But are these devices secure enough for your enterprise? Now you can say "yes" with Symantec Data Loss Prevention for Mobile.

Data Loss Prevention for Mobile protects your organization against inadvertent and malicious loss of data by monitoring outbound email and Web communications. It is a comprehensive, content-aware data loss prevention (DLP) solution that gives users the freedom to access apps and files from their mobile devices without putting sensitive data at risk.

Data Loss Prevention for Mobile leverages the same market-leading technology used in the Symantec Data Loss Prevention Suite. It features advanced content detection capabilities, a proven data loss policy framework, and comprehensive incident remediation workflow.

Data Loss Prevention for Mobile monitors and protects sensitive data sent from your iPad and iPhone mail client, browser, and apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Dropbox. If an incident is detected, automated responses include blocking the communication completely, selectively removing the sensitive information, and/or notifying the user as to what they did wrong.

Unlike other solutions that restrict users from accessing apps and files on their iPads and iPhones, Data Loss Prevention for Mobile enables secure use of sensitive data without stopping business.