Symantec Corp. Express DLP Endpoint Prevent 12.5 Xplat per Managed Device Sub Lic 12M Band S

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As organizations rely on high-speed networks and mobile computing to more easily share and access information, data security teams may have little or no visibility into what confidential data is leaving the organization and how employees are using it on and off the corporate network. With Symantec Data Loss Prevention, organizations can monitor how confidential data is being used at the endpoint and where it is being sent over the network. Symantec helps ensure that employees can work productively from the office or at home, and that organizations are aligned with corporate data security policies.

Symantec Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Prevent monitors confidential data being downloaded to local drives; copied to USB or other removable media devices; burned to CD/DVDs; transferred over email, instant message, or FTP; copied; and printed or faxed electronically.