Symantec Corp. Email Threat Isolation On Premises Add-On to SMG, Intial Sub Lic w Support, 50-99 Users 1Y

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Take prevention to the next level.
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  • Eliminate advanced spear phishing attacks
  • Defend your business from ransomware
  • Protect your users from tricky credential theft
The Symantec Email Threat Isolation solution stops advanced email attacks by insulating users from spear phishing, credential theft, and ransomware attacks. Prevent spear phishing attacks by isolating malicious links. Stop credential theft by safely rendering webpages in read-only mode. Shut down ransomware by shielding trusted applications from weaponized attachments.

Unlike most email security solutions, which rely on reactive blacklists or signatures to stop malicious links, Symantec Email Security offers the strongest protection against malicious links using Email Threat Isolation to contain sophisticated email threats such as spear phishing.

Email Threat Isolation takes prevention to the next level by making email links to malicious websites harmless. When isolated, these links cannot deliver their spear phishing, ransomware, and other advanced threats to email recipients. All of this is done without frustrating users, as Symantec provides a seamless user experience through the native browser, which is indistinguishable from opening links directly to the web.