Steelseries Siberia v3 Prism Headset - Grey

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  • Stereo audio output
The Siberia brand has been the standard in high-end gaming audio for over 10 years. The original SteelSeries Siberia (v1) became famous for its lasting comfort and impressive audio performance.

Using the team's vast knowledge and experience the number of parts was reduced, the components were handpicked and redesigned how it all came together for an enhanced acoustic space. Siberia v3 Prism delivers audio that is in a class of its own thanks its clear details, rich soundscape, and crisp bass.

The v3 Prism perfectly reproduces in-game audio so you hear the sound just as the game developers intended. The soundscape has been fine-tuned, producing exceptional detail and deep, resounding audio. Hearing the key in-game details will improve your situational awareness helping you to react faster than your competition.

If you want to hear the finer in-game details, bump up the highs and mids. If you are looking to add some thump to the soundtrack simply increase the lows. You can also choose among various presets and set specific options for different games and profiles. Simply download SteelSeries Engine 3 and begin customizing.

Siberia v3 Prism features a classic retractable microphone with a new, slimmer design and a quick mute button on the earcup. It can be positioned infinitely for ideal voice pick up. Pull it out when you need it for gaming, streaming or talking. Tuck it out of the way when you don't need it.