5-port SATA to Single SATA III Port Multiplier Controller Card

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  • ST521PMINT
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  • Connect five SATA drives to a single internal SATA 6Gbps host connection
  • Compatible with computer systems with SATA controllers
  • Compatible with SATA hard drives and SSDs
  • Port multiplier controller card
  • 5-port SATA to single SATA III
  • SATA controller card
The ST521PMINT 1-to-5 SATA drive port multiplier lets you connect five individual SATA hard drives to a single SATA host controller, vastly increasing the storage capacity of your computer system.

The ST521PMINT optimizes port usage enabling you to connect up to five SATA drives to a single SATA port. To ensure maximum performance the SATA port multiplier supports SATA III host controllers and hard drives, with transfer speeds up to 6 Gbps, so you can experience fast performance, even with 5 individual drives connected.

For a hassle-free installation, you can mount the adapter into any new or legacy desktop expansion slot, including: PCI, AGP, and PCIe. To ensure compatibility with most computer cases, full-profile and low-profile mounting brackets are included. The HDD adapter also includes HDD activity LED headers, so you can connect your computer case LEDs to the card for full activity reporting.