Sony 360-Degree 5MP Mini Dome IP Camera

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  • 17038523
  • SNCHM662
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  • Video Capture Resolution is 2560 x 1920
Hemispheric imaging technology with a panomorph lens from ImmerVision; this captures 360 degrees ot real-time video, outperforming any conventional fisheye lenses with superb image quality and greater coverage.

Advanced dewarping technology for immersive monitoring to efficiently correct for the distortion of a hemispheric image and newly produce rectangular images with video management software (VMS); this maintains higher video quality than produced at the camera level and rt is achieved without incurring the image degradation typically caused by camera processing limitations during the dewarping process.

Solid PTZ to navigate the camera's visible area in every hemispheric image by its digital pan, filt, and zoom.

functionalities for easy and rapid-response manipulation A variety of multiple view modes capable of 360-degree immersive navigation, including the camera's original 360-degree hemispheric view, a 180-degree panoramic view and multiple simultaneous views all produced from the same hemispheric image.