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SIOS Technology Corp. DataKeeper Cluster Edition Virtual and Cloud)

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SteelEye DataKeeper enables real-time Windows data replication of all data types, including open files, SQL and Exchange Server databases and running Hyper-V virtual machines through a simple and intuitive data management GUI.

Replication across the LAN, WAN or even to a Windows server provisioned in one of the many "cloud" infrastructure providers can be configured in just a few clicks of the mouse through SIOS's Microsoft Management Console (MMC) interface. The DataKeeper MMC snap-in can be run from any server or workstation and was designed to look and feel very much like existing Microsoft Management tools to ensure a very natural user experience for the seasoned Windows IT Professional.

Of all the benefits associated with SteelEye DataKeeper, one of the most talked about and exciting features is the ability to replicate live running Hyper-V virtual machines, ensuring an up to date copy is always available in the event of the failure of your primary storage array. Virtualization promises improved business continuity through server portability and SteelEye DataKeeper helps deliver on that promise by allowing administrators to keep a mirrored copy of their live running virtual machines, either across the room or across the ocean.

Having a duplicate copy of the live virtual machine not only facilitates backups and disaster recovery, but it also allows simple disaster recovery testing without impacting production. At any time, the administrator can start the duplicate virtual machine on a private network to verify recoverability without scheduling downtime. The promises of virtualization can be fully realized with SteelEye DataKeeper.

SteelEye DataKeeper Cluster Edition provides the optimal balance of ease of use, features and price-performance to facilitate geographically dispersed clusters for Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, Hyper-V and other critical applications.