Sensaphone IMS-1000 Single Room Monitoring Solution w modem

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The IMS-1002 system is the newest addition to the Sensaphone IMS series of products equipped with phone modem and voice communications. It is a lower cost version of the IMS-4000 that still provides effective infrastructure monitoring and alarm notification for many installations. Up to eight external sensors can be connected to the IMS-1002 to monitor a variety of environmental conditions. TCP/IP port service monitoring is also provided for up to 16 network devices or port services. An alarm condition is generated whenever any environmental sensor goes out of range, or when any network port service stops responding. The IMS-1002 will then initiate its alarm notification process following the programmed list of personnel to be notified. E-mails are sent describing the alarm condition. If network cameras are installed, the e-mails will even contain one or more attached images captured from the video camera. SNMP traps can also be sent to network management systems.

An internal telephone modem is available as an option to the IMS-1002 product. This feature provides additional options for alarm delivery. Custom messages can be recorded and stored in the 1000, and voice phone calls can be made to announce alarm conditions. In addition to the convenience of the voice phone call, the phone modem also provides an alarm delivery path independent of the computer network. In the case of network failures, or e-mail servers going offline, the phone call may be the only path available to properly notify the appropriate personnel.

The IMS-1002 is designed for high reliability with no moving parts. It is completely standalone with its own internal battery backup system. All programming and status information are available through its internal web server. In addition to the web server, the IMS-1002 is fully SNMP manageable. The IMS-1002 solution can effectively monitor the most critical conditions in our server room or data center.