Revolabs FLX 2 VoIP SIP Wireless Conference Phone System with 2 Omni Microphones

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The Conference Phone, Evolved
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The Revolabs FLX2 wireless conference phone is a unique marriage of technology and ergonomic design, allowing for an unparalleled experience when making telephone calls, video conference calls, or using it with your Bluetooth enabled cell phone or computer to make speaker phone calls.

The technology used allows the microphones, the dialer, and the speaker to co-exist with other wireless products such as wireless LANs (802.11 b/g) without interference. The Revolabs FLX2 conference phone includes digital encryption technology to ensure secure wireless communications between the microphones, speaker and the base station. The FLX2 also includes a USB port for connecting with CPU, and a AUX port for connecting with Video conferencing codecs.