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Retrospect Corp. Desktop V16 Windows W 5 Workstation Clients 1 Year ASM Support

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Retrospect provides complete protection with backup, archive, and duplicate features built in. It supports more than twenty cloud storage providers, all seamlessly integrated with zero-knowledge security, upload speeds up to 350 Mbps, and no lock-in.

Complete point-in-time snapshots allow Retrospect to always restore exactly the files that belong on a volume.

Retrospect's high-level dashboard provides a high-level view of the entire state of your backup environment.

Boot media can be created for nearly every Windows system protected by Retrospect to provide fast recovery from a non-bootable state. Retrospect for Windows employs native Mac OS backup client software for comprehensive backups that include all the proper metadata and system components to provide complete disaster recovery restores of protected Macs.

Heterogeneous networks are protected using Retrospect's native client software, ensuring perfect backups regardless of operating system.

Grooming allows customers to stay protected with a long-term backup retention policy to ensure recovery from yesterday, last month, or five years ago, using storage that fits their budget.

Protect your data faster than ever with 5x faster grooming, 3x faster catalog rebuilds, and 20% faster backup and restores with 6x faster file matching, compared to the previous version.