Quantum LTO-7 Ultrium WORM Tape Cartridge

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Quantum’s LTO Ultrium media is manufactured to the highest industry standards for quality and reliability ensuring high performance and durability, whether utilized for primary backup or long-term archive!
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Quantum’s LTO-7 Ultrium WORM Tape Cartridge provides 6/15TB native/compressed data storage and is compliant with all Media Integrity Analysis utilities. The cartridge comes with a 30-year archival life and a high-durability non-contact IC memory chip up to 16KB is built in. This contributes to significant improvement in tape library access and health reporting.

LTO Ultrium WORM (Write Once, Read Many) media cartridges are available to meet today’s stringent regulatory and compliance requirements. Combined with native AES 256-bit encryption, WORM cartridges physically prevent data from being overwritten or tampered with, providing a reliable, accurate, and scalable data integrity solution.