Oki MicroLine 320 Turbo N

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Microline 320 Turbo/n is a Tank-Tough solution that offers true remote management capability. It is perfect for financial departments, wholesale or retail sales counters, even for warehouse or manufacturing environments. Set it up with a box of forms or even 6-part invoices, and let it run and run and run.
Ordering Information
  • 240dpi x 216dpi (B&W)
  • 435char/sec (B&W)
  • USB Type B, RJ-45, Centronics 24-pin
  • 28KB RAM
  • 1 Year Warranty
The ML320/321 Turbo/n comes factory-configured with a high-speed OkiLAN 6120e Internal Print Server for use across your company network or via the Internet. This 9-pin dot matrix printer is a true workhorse. It has been engineered for dedicated printing in the most demanding point-of-sale, automation and utility applications, and can can easily run twice as long as most printers in its class.

This rugged printer can handle all your needs with a relentless performance that comes from the rugged printhead design that keeps your print images sharp for a 200-million character life. A lighter, stronger, more efficient motor reduces friction, heat build-up and wear. The long-lasting rack and pinion drive system ensures print quality longer than belt or cable systems. An impact-resistant chassis protects the entire mechanism, even in the harshest environments.

Specifically designed to offer enhanced paper-handling capabilities, the ML320/321 Turbo/n can be set with an expanded gap between printhead and platen, accommodating multi-part forms and stock that are up to twice as thick as those handled by competing products. A bottom feed feature keeps the paper path short and straight when running stiff card stock or labels. The printhead has a lightweight samarium cobalt magnet and powerful, spring-activated pins to deliver a stronger punch.

For precisely formed output, a patented optical sensor accurately positions the printhead on the page, first time and every time. And the auto-tear feature accurately positions continuous forms for a clean tear at the perforation, eliminating wasted forms.

IT managers and service technicians can manage corporate printer assets remotely and check printer status and change settings from anywhere in the world via a Web browser. The printer also supports automatic outbound e-mail alerts about printer/network problem.