Micro Focus Corp. RUMBA Citrix WTS 9.0.0 English ESD

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Micro Focus Rumba addresses these challenges by modernizing green screen applications without any new coding requirements, releasing the dependency on specialized developer experience. This unique technology reduces the learning curve of end users by transposing green screen applications onto Windows, mobile and web technologies, allowing organizations to respond to market dynamics faster and more efficiently, while leveraging the investments and knowledge which exist in the mainframe applications.

Rumba enables connectivity from Microsoft Windows, iPads or web browsers to virtually any host system with mission critical reliability. With powerful deployment capabilities, unique custom controls can be easily created through drag and drop, and distributed to the entire organization or individual departments. Rumba is designed to modernize green screen applications at the pace defined by business requirements. Rumba 9.0 quickly and securely connects to a range of host systems, enabling green screen terminal emulation along with a set of compelling supporting features and functionalities.