LG CBV42-B PCOIP Zero Client – tera2321 VmWare Ready

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  • CBV42-B
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  • 512MB RAM
  • Supports Ethernet Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet Networking
LG's CBV42-B system utilizes a Teradici PCoIP processor, VMware or Amazon WorkSpaces to deliver a powerful and secure virtual solution that broadens integrated computing beyond design labs, to offices and classrooms. Compared to a traditional desktop computing system, the V series allows advanced computing with greater security while reducing system-building and maintenance costs. LED backlight technology also provides a bright and clear display to facilitate a comfortable computing experience for daily office work and multimedia applications.

The LG Cloud Monitor (Zero Client) combined with a Teradici PCoIP Processor and Amazon WorkSpaces or VMware provides ultimate cloud desktop experience.

PCoIP zero clients significantly reduces the risk of virus, spyware, and hacking because all data, storage, and memory are stored at the central data center. Data never leaves the data center it only transmits pixels, making LG's zero clients suitable for security critical organizations such as financial firms. Unique USB authorization provides enhanced security.

LG Zero Clients combined with Amazon WorkSpaces allow users to access the documents, applications and resource quickly and securely.