Kensington Custom Microsaver Security Locks - Minimum Order of 10 Units

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Kensington is the industry leader in custom locking systems.
Ordering Information
If your computer is unlocked, your network is too. Protect your network and laptop with the original cable and lock device that attaches to the Kensington security slot. Effective, convenient and fast security in any office, hotel, home or car.

There is an initial minimum order quantity of 10 or more units. Subsequent orders must be a minimum of 10 or more units. The lead time is 2-3 weeks once the order is placed. This sku is non-returnable because it is custom made.

If you are re-ordering locks to an existing system already in place, you must provide the key code so Kensington can build more locks to the same code. If this is a new system, the following 3 options for keying (access) are available. Kensington will contact the user to discuss the correct access option for their needs.

1. Shared Access: All locks are alike, all user keys open every lock. Suited for shared work environment with low risk of internal equipment or data theft. Allows associates access to all equipment.

2. Master Access: Unique, individual keys and locks for computers, master key opens all locks. Allows individuals access to own equipment while IT manager has control of all equipment and data. Limited down time with key loss or personnel changes.

3. Supervisor-Only Access: All locks are alike, only one master key will open locks. No individual keys provided. Designed to reduce risk in classroom, lab or library environments. Computers can be locked in place with IT manager access only.