KEMP License Activation Only For LM2400 Requires Appliance

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  • LIC-LM-2400
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LM2400 License Activation Only (product already onsite) requires existing LM-2400 appliance. Includes 1 year Basic Support.

The LoadMaster 2400 is an affordable and feature-rich server load balancer. Featuring enhanced SSL acceleration capabilities coupled with intelligent Layer 7 application content switching it delivers on the needs of administrators to support an increased number of secure connections for their application deployments.

The LoadMaster 2400 is an essential component to include for the high availability of critical application infrastructures with diverse application delivery and load balancing needs.

Combining the latest advancements in Layer 4 and Layer 7 application delivery technology, LoadMaster is the Load Balancer of choice for providing high availability services in IT web and application infrastructures.