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KEMP DS Lics LM-5600

  • KEMP Technologies
  • 32575511
  • LIC-LM-5600
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The LoadMaster 5600 is a high-performance platform for secure delivery of applications with a web application firewall, intrusion detection and support for a wide range of authentication schemes. The web application firewall greatly simplifies secure deployment of applications, providing daily rule updates to optimize protection against emerging threats. The integrated IPS and pre-authentication ensure continuous protection from network level and brute-force attacks.

The LoadMaster 5600 also greatly simplifies deployment and operation with application templates and a comprehensive RESTful API with Java and PowerShell libraries. The core load balancing functionality supports multiple persistence and traffic distribution schemes to ensure a high-quality experience for subscribers. It also can simplify application availability challenges with automatic failover between appliances and between data centers.