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WhatsConnected is a cost-effective Layer 2/3 discovery, mapping, inventory, and asset reporting tool. Use WhatsConnected to automatically discover, map, inventory and document your network (devices, servers, workstations, virtual resources, hardware, and software assets) and port-to-port connectivity in minutes! With WhatsConnected, you can easily document your network, topology maps and network diagrams for regulatory compliance, ensure complete accuracy, and give your operations teams the power to immediately visualize how everything is connected.

WhatsUp Gold WhatsConnected allows you to completely visualize your physical network topology and understand how all devices on your IT infrastructure are interconnected. Expanding upon the impressive features and functions of the powerful network mapping tool WhatsConnected offers the ability to automatically discover, document and classify virtual machines on your network running VMware. With a unique combination of discovery technologies, WhatsConnected reveals detailed physical topology maps as well as proprietary device asset and configuration data not found with other network mapping tools.

If you can't understand how devices in your network are connected, their interdependencies and where they are located, then locating problems and resolving them before the impact of a failure is noticed is much more difficult than it needs to be. Establishing that device connectivity is not the source of the problems is one of the initial steps to troubleshooting network issues. Without WhatsConnected, connectivity between devices or systems has to be manually documented by network management personnel, and this process requires significant time and effort to validate and document physical connectivity. WhatsConnected automates this process for you, and now goes a step further to discover and map out your virtual network as well.