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WhatsConfigured enables effective management of one of the most critical assets on your network- device configurations. As a fully-functioning network configuration tool, WhatsConfigured automates the key configuration and change management tasks required to maintain and control configuration files for networking devices, reducing the risk of network outages caused by misconfigured devices. Network managers can leverage this automated configuration to reduce the amount of time spent ensuring their network devices are configured correctly, freeing valuable time.

WhatsConfigured is built around an automated task execution engine that allows network managers to dynamically gather configuration data about their network devices through configuration tasks. These configuration tasks can be scheduled to run on a regular basis or can be manually ran as needed to upload, download, and backup configuration files, manage device credentials, and much more. WhatsConfigured comes with several pre-defined configuration tasks with the option to create custom tasks.

With support for heterogeneous networks, WhatsConfigured provides secure SNMP, SSH, Telnet or TFTP access, to download and store device configuration files in a secure repository, keeping them readily available for file compares and restoration on a device.

WhatsConfigured not only reduces the time and effort required to maintain device configurations and changes while providing increased security, compliance, and visibility, it also reduces the risk of costly network downtime.