Ipswitch Corp. WhatsUp Event Log Management Suite 25 Server New

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WhatsUp Event Alarm offers the network administrator a wide range of notification options including email alerts, network popups, pager calls, syslog forwarding, or broadcast notifications throughout the domain to administrators running WhatsUp Event Alarm's listener console - included with the software, at no charge.

Furthermore, one of WhatsUp Event Alarm's greatest features is its ability to watch event logs on remote machines without requiring a client present on each machine. From one central console on a single workstation, a network administrator can adjust particular alarms and corresponding notifications on multiple computers across their domains.

WhatsUp Event Alarm has been redesigned to cache even more network information during the monitoring of Windows event log files across the network. Now network administrators can utilize WhatsUp Event Alarm's turbo scanning mode to receive extremely rapid notifications of critical events, all while not generating unnecessary logon/logoff audits in targeted computer security logs.