HPE Synergy 12Gb SAS Connection Module with 12 Internal Ports

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The HPE Synergy 12Gb SAS Connection Module connects Synergy Compute Modules to in-frame storage resources. In conjunction with the Synergy D3940 Storage Module, the Synergy SAS Connection Module connects composable direct attached storage for up to 10 compute modules in a single frame.

HPE Synergy is a single infrastructure of physical and virtual pools of compute, storage, and fabric resources, and a single management interface that allows IT to instantly assemble and re-assemble resources in any configuration. As the foundation for the New Style of Business infrastructure, HPE Synergy eliminates hardware and operational complexity so IT can precisely deliver infrastructure to applications faster and with greater flexibility.

The HPE Synergy 12Gb SAS Connection Module dynamically creates virtual JBODs for any compute module in the HPE Synergy 12000 Frame, remaps connections, or changes personality, all done with stored profiles. The Connection Module provides in-frame connectivity between Synergy compute modules and up to up to five storage modules. Two Connection Modules can be added to each HPE Synergy 1200 Frame providing redundant paths to the storage modules.

Each 12Gb SAS module provides twelve internal SAS ports each consisting of four 12GB/s SAS channels, ensuring a non-blocking fabric even when connected storage modules are fully populated with solid-state disks (SSDs).