HPE MSA Recovery Manager Software

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MSA Recovery Manager (RM) intelligently creates and manages application specific snapshots that can be used to quickly restore application instances or databases. This optional software delivers a standalone solution to augment your existing backup software strategy. It provides seamless integration with HP P2000 G3 storage hardware.

Recovery Manager currently supports Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL. Integrated with HP and 3rd party back up applications, RM provides reliable data recovery. Recovery Manager is integrated with Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) to make non-disruptive point-in-time copies of Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL databases for constant data protection. RM eases costs and administration by providing rapid, affordable online recovery of Microsoft SQL Server databases from multiple, highly granular point-in-time snapshots. Quickly recover a database to a known point in time, speeding up a variety of operations including rapid recovery of the production SQL server.