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Enfocus Corp. PitStop Pro 2017 upgrade from 11, with 1 Year Upgrades and Assurance

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Until now, it was impossible to configure PDF Preflight to distinguish between objects that are needed to render or print a file and those that are not. The PDF Geomapper will ignore or remove these unnessecary elements, and they have provided some default Action Lists to help with this. This truly unique technology completely erradicates false warnings and errors when using PDF Preflight.

Adding Rectangles is something that a lot of users do within PitStop using the "Add object" Action. One of the shortcomings of this functionality was that it worked to a fixed size or a variable, whereas often there was a need to generate a rectangle based on a PDF page box. This is now possible and you can make round corners with a specified radius.

The Enfocus Inspector gains a tab specifically for working with transparency, and some functionality and options as well. You now have the ability to select or toggle through Page and Transparency groups and also modify and correct the attributes of the groups directly within PitStop.