Elite Manual Series Projection Screen, MaxWhite, 4:3, 120in (Free Mount after MIR)

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  • M120UWV2
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Elite's line of projection screens allows for virtually anyone to set up their home, office, family room, bedroom or den with a quality home theater screen at the lowest possible price. The screen is well made, reliable and has no electrical requirements, allowing it to be mounted in places where an electrical power source is not accessible. There is a noticeable difference between projecting an image on dry wall versus projecting an image onto a surface designed and created specifically for use with a projector. It allows someone with even a tight budget to set up a quality environment suitable for a projector at a minimal cost.

The MaxWhite material is the most versatile screen surface for front projector presentations. This material enables unlimited viewing angles with perfect uniformity while giving precise definition and image reproduction in both color and black & white images. The woven screen material is a multi-layer, cross-array coated with matte white reflective compound. This screen Surface can be cleaned safely with mild soap and water and is both flame-retardant and mildew resistant.