Edge Boost Solid State Drive Upgrade Kit for Desktop w Bracket Adapter & SAS 6Gb s Cable

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Fits into desktop computers with an available 3.5" drive bay!
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Many of today’s popular SSDs are available in a 2.5" form factor. While this is ideal for upgrading notebook computers, most desktop computers only accommodate the larger 3.5" form factor. The EDGE SSD Upgrade Kit with SAS 6Gb/s cable for Desktop converts a 2.5" SSD into a 3.5" SSD, making it easy to install into a desktop computer. Simply screw a 2.5" SSD into the bottom of the supplied installation bracket. When finished, the side and bottom mounting holes of the bracket line up perfectly with that of a 3.5" drive, allowing for installation into desktop drive bays previously not possible.

The bracket is made from durable SPCC steel and comes in a sleek, black finish. Ventilation holes on the bottom of the bracket provide extra cooling to the drive. All needed mounting screws are included.