CyberPower Extended Battery Module 72V

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  • BP72V60ART2U
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The CyberPower BP72V60ART2U (72V) Extended Battery Module (EBM) with DC plug-n-play connections and Fast Charge Technology provide extended battery runtime during power outages for select Smart App Online UPS models. Up to 10 EBMs can be added and fast charging times are maintained thanks to each EBM having a built in battery charger. The typical charging times of 5 hours for the OL2200RTXL2U and OL3000RTXL2U are maintained whether there are 1 or 10 EBMs installed.

Each EBM takes up 2U of rack space and can also be installed in a tower form factor to match the UPS. A DC plug-n-play power connector makes it easy to daisy-chain additional EBMs to a UPS system.