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Contour Design Wireless Contour Mouse, Large, Right Hand

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This ergonomically sculpted mouse is designed to support your hand comfortably without the need to clutch the mouse to control it. You escape the habit of pinching a small mouse on the sides while curling your fingertips back to click on the buttons. Excessive clutching and finger flexing can aggravate the carpal tunnel and result in repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis. The specially designed arch fills the hollow of your palm and allows you to rest your hand on top of the mouse. This arch promotes straight alignment of your hand and wrist bones and slightly elevates your wrist off of the working surface. This helps to break the harmful habit of resting your wrist on the desk or mouse pad and pivoting the mouse from side to side. That pivoting can cause pain and discomfort as the forearm bones twist in directions not easily tolerated by human physiology. On smaller, conventional mice, most users pull their fingertips back in order to activate the mouse buttons. The Contour Mouse allows you to rest your hand on top of the mouse and activate the buttons with small, subtle motions without flexing your fingers. The elimination of flexing reduces carpal tunnel use and the threat of repetitive strain injuries.