Citrix Corp. XenApp Fundamentals 3.0 Connection Pack with Subscription Advantage

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Citrix XenApp Fundamentals is a simple, cost-effective remote access solution that enables small to mid-size businesses with up to 75 remote users to securely access corporate Windows applications and files from anywhere at anytime.

With XenApp Fundamentals, users experience seamless and consistent application access, whether on the LAN, at a branch office, at home or on the road - with just an Internet connection. Applications are securely stored on a central server and delivered to users, ensuring the utmost security of sensitive business data and reducing management costs. Role-based user access further ensures data security with central control over user access to applications, as well as printing and storage rights. Automated wizards take the guesswork out of installing, configuring and managing the remote access environment, with relatively little effort or training needed.