Cisco 6-Service Slot MSTP Chassis 2nd Gen AC Power Supply

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  • 15454-M6-AC2
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The ONS 15454 M6 system contains pluggable and redundant power modules for AC and DC power. The AC and DC power modules cannot be used simultaneously to power the ONS 15454 M6 system. Before installing the power module, verify the position of the mechanical locking system on the rear side of the chassis. To insert the AC power module, the screw must be next to the AC silk-screen text; to insert the DC power module the screw must be next to the DC silk-screen text.

The ONS 15454 M6 system can be powered by a single AC power module or redundant AC power modules. The supported AC power modules on the ONS 15454 M6 shelf are 15454-M6-AC and 15454-M6-AC2. The AC power module converts the AC-input current to DC-output current.

The AC power module supports the lamp test procedure and has fans that are directly powered by the module. The fans cool the module and guarantees proper operation across the complete operating temperature or output power range. These fans contain replaceable air-filters.The AC power module draws power from the power lines to turn on the ONS 15454 M6 shelf. See Table A-3 for the power specifications of the AC power modules.

Each AC power module has one AC single-phase 3 poles (line L, Neutral N, and Protective Earth PE) input connector.