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Case Logic CD Wallet; 320 Disc Capacity, Black Koskin

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  • KSW-320
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Because your CD collection deserves a safe and happy home.
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Forget the giant stacks of empty jewel cases littered around your living space. The Black Koskin 320 disc CD wallet cleans up the mess by creating the perfect solution for keeping your CD collection organized, mobile, and paired down to their essentials: the liner notes and the CD's them selves.

Innovative 'Fast-File' pockets inside the wallet let you organize and access up to 16 of the CD's that are on your 'now playing' list. And Case Logic's 'Quick-Lock' Moveable Page System makes the always neccessary re-organizing, re-prioratizing, re-catagorizing and alphabetizing a snap. The pages are also layed out in a fashion that allows you to whip through your collection to find the perfect selection in no time.

Resistant to heat, moisture, and the general wear-and-tear of travel and use, the durable padded material featured on the exterior of the wallet is guaranteed to keep your CD's safe. Also, patented protective 'ProSleeves' keep damaging dirt and debris out and away from the surface of your CD's.

(Perforated blank labels included on package.)