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C2G OneFit A V110 Pre-assembled Plenum-rated A V Comp Video Control, Connectivity, Power Solution

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In an effort to simplify connectivity, the OneFit A/V is a complete, integrated solution that provides control, A/V connectivity and extension, sound reinforcement and power for A/V connectivity, all pre-assembled in a plenum-rated Chief® mounting box perfect for the average A/V installs in a learning, sharing, and collaborating environment.

OneFit A/V reduces complexity at every step of the A/V installation process ? selection, purchase and installation. OneFit A/V cuts out the time needed to select and perform compatibility testing on products by providing a single sku for simplified purchasing and specification. Installation is simplified as the OneFit A/V is pre-wired and features color-coded and labeled cabling, making installation quick and right the first time. With the average installation reduced to a fraction of the time it would take to install components individually, even the largest deployments are accomplished quickly.


The TruLink A/V Controller provides a solution for control of the in-room projector, allowing easy switching between source devices and powering the system on or off. The MCIA adapter for the TruLink A/V Controller is mounted within the mounting box while the wall plate keypad may be placed up to 50ft away from the mounting box.

A/V Connectivity:

The HDMI over Cat5 utilizes HDBaseT technology to provide an audio/video connection from the source to the projector at video resolutions of up to 1080p. The VGA + 3.5mm Audio + Composite Video + Audio over Cat5 provides analog audio/video connectivity from a single source, such as a laptop or desktop computer, to the projector. The HDMI over Cat5 receiver, VGA+3.5mm +Audio + Composite Video + Audio over Cat5 receiver are mounted within the mounting box while a double gang transmitter wall plate is included and may be placed up to 50ft away from the mounting box.

Sound Reinforcement:

The TruLink Audio Amplifier and 2x2 Plenum Rated Drop-in Speakers are fed from the stereo audio line out of the projector and provide audio to the room. The TruLink Audio Amplifier is mounted within the mounting box while each of the two 2x2 Plenum-Rated Drop-in Speakers may be mounted up to 12ft away from the mounting box.

The mounting box also contains a power strip that provides power to all of the mounted devices. All Cat5 cables are color coded and labeled with the connection that should be made while the control and A/V cables for the projector are bundled and designed to be pulled through the projector mounting pole.

Note: The cable from the power strip is not plenum rated and is designed to be pulled through the projector mounting pole and connected to an outlet outside of the plenum space.